Martijn van der Meulen (26) is a recently graduated MD, entrepreneur and software developer. During his studies, he worked for numerous departments of the Radboud University Medical Center and its REshape Innovation Center in The Netherlands implementing health care innovation. He participated in University’s Exponential Medicine Conference and created the Tanzanian Treatment Guidelines app, which is >used by over 3,000 clinicians in Tanzania.

He teaches e-health and the fundamentals of AI to undergraduate students in Medicine at the Radboud University. He is also the founder of Plexuz, an AI startup that helps Dutch medical students uncover their knowledge gaps.

In his spare time, Martijn is an avid field hockey player, deejay and home automation geek. He is a member of the Kairos Society for young entrepreneurs and global leaders, and recently joined WZ2025 (Healthcare2025), an initiative of young Dutch MDs to innovate in health care.